Jerry Eggleton

VP of Operations

About Jerry

Jerry has been in the hospitality business for over 30 years, beginning with his first job as a night auditor and guest service associate after high school and during college.

After serving as the General Manager of several hotel locations, Jerry moved into portfolio leadership positions, where for the past 25 years he worked for a varitey of large and small firms focused on ownership/management, development, renovations, new construction, and third party management. During his tenure, Jerry has worked with nearly every brand system in the hotel industry, including independent hotels. He has also been a Certified Hotel Administrator for 25 years.

Jerry’s experience includes over 30 new construction openings and portfolio management of nearly 200 hotels for ownership and management company groups throughout the country. Prior to joining Dora Hospitality in 2013, Jerry served in portfolio leadership positions with Pillar Hotels and Resorts, Buffalo Lodging, and SJB Management, among others.

Jerry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Franklin University. He has served on several boards and committees with the Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association as well as other Associations around the country during his expansive career.

What is the best thing about working in a position that requires you to travel?

The variety day to day and week to week is the best thing! I also love working with many team members and in different markets– it allows me to learn from one hotel/market what could also work for another. Traveling around gives me the ability to learn what other comp set hotels are doing that might be adapted to our operations, allows us to cross-sell hotels among groups or corporate clients we come to learn when looking at each market in detail. . .and of course, there’s the appeal of wearing the same outfit all week and no one notices!