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When you work in hospitality for more than six decades, you learn a thing or two about building a great culture. From full-time to part-time positions in Guest Services, Room Services, Food and Beverage, and Engineering to careers in management, you’ll find a team that’s focused on your growth and happiness at Dora Hospitality. We know that you’ll enjoy your stay!

Problem solving. Teamwork. Innovation.

The skills you’ll learn in the hospitality industry can transfer anywhere, but once you’re here we’re confident that you’ll love to stay! See how your journey with Dora Hospitality can transform your career and your community.

Best Hospitality Companies To Work For

We are proud that we have earned the designation of “Best Hospitality Companies To Work For” that last several years from 5 Starr Hospitality who administers our Associate Opinion Surveys and do so for thousands of hotels annually.

We consistently score between 85-91% positive satisfaction every year in an industry that scores well consistently lower—we like to believe it’s all about who you choose to work with and those who support a positive workplace culture which we focus on daily!
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Dora Hospitality is a great place to work — but don’t take it from us, take it from our team.

If you’re looking for a positive workplace culture, look no further than Dora Hospitality. See why we earn a 85-91% employee satisfaction score from our staff, in their own words.
Part-time Front Desk Agent —> Ops Manager —> GM
“I never had intentions of staying beyond my part-time job at the front desk, but I had the opportunity to advance and now I’ve been here for 3 years.”
Breanna R.
Executive HSK —> Ops Manager
“Dora is a very understanding company, they’ve truly taken care of me. I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the hospitality industry.”
Joy G.
General Manager
“I’ve been with Dora for 26 years, and the company is just like it was when I joined. Management honestly cares about listening and caring for everyone at all levels.”
Dan S.
Part-time Room Attendant —> Executive HSK –> Ops Manager —> GM
“My staff don’t work for me — we work together. It’s like getting paid to hang out with friends and family.”
Nicole S.

Check In To Your Career With Dora Hospitality

Whether you’re hourly or in management, we focus on your satisfaction and growth. Start your career with Dora Hospitality and see why our employees award us one of the Best Hospitality Companies to Work For.
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